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Fazryl Samad

Creative Content


Fazril Samad has over 10 years of experience in the broadcast, creative and 

entertainment industry. 

First dipped his toes in the industry as a video editor in Vision Works 

where he worked on a few entertainment programmes including 

Super Spontan 2009 for ASTRO Warna.

He then sought to focus on more sports-centric programmes from the 

years 2010-2017 in ASTRO ARENA where he was given the opportunity 

to participate as a video editor in the international broadcast centre for 

special events including Sea Games, Myanmar (2013), Sea Games Singapore 

(2015), Olympics Rio (2016) and Sea Games Malaysia (2017).

Fazril later on assumed the role of a Post-Production Producer for the following events:

  •    Unifi Liga Super

  •    Shopee Piala FA

  •    Piala Malaysia

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